FS Winchester Large Pistol Primers 3000/$155

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    I just received a five month back-order of Winchester Large Pistol Primers (Winchester WLP's are rated for both standard and magnum loads) and will sell my surplus of 3000 for $155 to someone in need of them (with the price of gas and my truck's thirst, I'm not going to meet up for less than the package sale). If you're like me, I've given up looking for components locally the pasts three months because of the craziness and certainly will not pay $75 for a box like I've seen at the WAC shows lately. My breakout cost per 1000 was just under $49 which includes the current jacked up prices, shipping and haz mat fees because I had to buy online. The company I placed the order with back in November hasn't even accepted any new back-orders since then. In all my 30+ years of reloading I've never seen so much price-gouging in all levels of distribution and won't be apart of it screwing over someone in need of components. If you can find them cheaper, great. If you can use this entire amount, message me and know that I'll only meet up close to my home at the Northgate Mall for these prices. Thanks and good luck finding components the next year.

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