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I live in central Oregon and the other night when it was in the twenties, someone left the garage door open all night. I have several thousand rounds of ammo in there including shotgun shells and small and large-bore rifle and pistol ammo. When I discovered it in the morning, it was probably around thirty degrees in there. Should I be concerned?
Very dangerous to shoot frozen ammo! Good thing you asked the forum.. Where would you like me to pick it up so I can dispose of it properly? :4)
Receo is quite right - frozen ammo is highly volatile and should only be handled by highly trained ammunition disposal authorities. Given your stated quantity of hazardous materials, I would hate to see Receo's transportation abilities taxed - I can gear up and deploy my specialized L.A.T.S. (Live Ammunition Transportation Subaru) at a moments notice to relieve you of any 223/556 materials as soon as you give the word.

Of course you have my assurance that all materials will be dispensed with in a sustainable manner, in a manner conducive to recycling.
I recall reading somewhere several years ago that if you are in need of subsonic 22 and it isn't available in your local area that you (supposedly) can take your box/brick/whatever of high velocity 22, put it in a ziplock to avoid moisture buildup, and store it in your freezer for a month or so. As I never confirmed it myself. Anyone ever try this?
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