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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tkdguy, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Who is he and what is his stance per the 2nd?
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    He is a democrat state senator, representing the area along the cost anchored by Coos-bay. A mostly rural area hurting for jobs, unlike most of the other democrat senators in areas closer to Portland and doing much better. There is a major natural gas facility (7-billion worth) that people want to build in his district at coos-bay. But a majority of the party, and the gov, are not supportive of it.

    He's been back and forth on supporting gun-control over 2nd amendment rights. I believe he was supportive of gun-control in 2013, but backed off in 2014.

    As we are 2 down in the Oregon Senate, as far as pro-2nd amendment supporters go, we need his support. If you have friends in his district, please let them know to write a brief email, or drop a call, stating support for the 2nd amendment issues, and that you expect Senator Roblan to represent his district and do the same.

    You can use this link to find and contact your own senator if you like. Or see if you have a friend that lives in Roblan's district.

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