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    So not to hijack the other thread about lasers...

    I just wanted to share some U-Toobz vids of some laser type gadgets folks have built and shared.

    <-- best watched with your volume low or muted - you get lots of annoying fan noise and no speaking. It's of a man portable laser that burns through glass, ice, meat, and vegetables. Not quite powerful enough to slice off someone's arm quickly or burn a hole through someone on a battlefield - but it's about the same size as a sawed off shotgun, though likely quite a bit heavier. It's a damn good start toward man portable energy weapons. I think it's even got picatinny rail on the forend.

    <-- same dude from above - with a gatling laser. This one pops balloons - he doesn't show it burning anything else. Again - pretty neat and once lasers get powerful enough - this would be a pretty terrible and kickass weapon. 6 beams vs. one single beam.

    <-- a 40 watt "laser shotgun" - 8 beams - burns stuff pretty quick - pops balloons like nothing. Who new ping bong balls were super flammable... it's not a "phased plasma rifle" and 40 watts ain't enough to slice and dice your enemies or vaporize them - but again - good start!

    <-- same dude, that turns a robot toy into a robotic laser armed death crab... :eek:

    <-- George Lucas wouldn't approve of this one, it's a "laser sword" this kid hasn't figured out how to curve and control a laser beam yet - but it's as close to a light saber as anyone has come yet.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTnqamZJ97g <-- one last one - same kid above, who turns an Airsoft M4 into a functional laser blaster.

    These kids give me both hope and fear that I will get to see, in my life time, laser weapons that are effective and man portable, possibly even down to the size of a handgun to give one a concealable energy weapon.

    Why do I want an energy weapon so bad? Because they're badass and seriously, who wouldn't want a weapon with zero recoil capable of stopping an attacker in their tracks? Maybe even one that would leave a cauterized hole center mass. No back spatter to worry about getting some nasty infection from an up close and personal defensive gun use. And the geek in me really wants a type 2 hand phaser (I think Playboy Penguin will side with me on that)

    I think those two guys should get together and share ideas - maybe start up a laser weapons company some day... of course the FCC and BATFE will no doubt try to quash these as being NFA items (how do you define a laser beam - is it full auto, semi auto, single shot - none of the above?)

    Any which way you slice it, weapons technology is advancing, and the future of the second amendment and people's rights to defend themselves need to advance thusly. If I should happen to have grandchildren who have grandchildren - I want those kids and their progeny to be able to defend themselves and not necessarily have to resort to ancient technology to do it.

    We, thankfully, are not relegated to the use of muskets and sabres for our defensive uses in this era of semi and fully automatic firearms. If our future is that where energy weapons are available, they should be available on the consumer, civilian market and not kept just in the hands of the military and police.

    And unless the technology is somehow severely restricted and regulated to the point where no one can obtain the materials to build these - I don't see how any government can stop someone from building their own laser device - these kids have proven that a little smarts and some readily available materials they can build this stuff - materials taken from toys and consumer electronics. What will these guys be building ten, fifteen, or twenty years down the road?
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    To be effective as a weapon, a laser requires quantities of energy that is many orders of magnitude beyond what a man-portable battery could (or likely ever will) be able to provide.

    A battery with a power-to-weight ratio that could serve a man-portable laser weapon would fundamentally alter civilization as we know it. Such a battery would render internal combustion and jet engines obsolete. It would mean electric cars with 300-mile range from a battery the size of a Thermos. It would mean aircraft the size of a 747 that needed no fuel and could circle the globe using electrically-driven propellers powered by battery packs no larger than a household refrigerator.

    We don't have the technology and we can't even imagine the technology. The laser and particle beam weapons that are soon to be deployed on the next generation of aircraft carriers will get their power from nuclear reactors. There is simply no way to scale such weapons down to a size and weight that a man could carry.
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