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Free'est states in America?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Vantage, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Vantage

    Vantage Pacific Standard Time Active Member

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  2. moose

    moose northwet coast Well-Known Member

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    I find it hypocritical that some of the same people that exhault the US as being free, also venomently impose their morality on others. If we all are truely free, then one may do as one wants, as long as no crime it committed on another. A good example of that is gay marriage, does it matter that other people do? Yet millions of dollars are spent arguing about it.

    Is it freedom to legislate social control? Is it even possible?

    What is freedom anyway? Just adhearance to the constitution? In 1925, it was against the constitution to have a drink. Now, I'd be thrown in jail for smoking a joint.

    Edited to add: I could mail order a Thompson sub machine gun in 1925 too.
  3. sadiesassy

    sadiesassy Prescott Active Member

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    Surprised Alaska is so low - But then they do have more federl controls
  4. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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  5. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    Mercatus is a self agrandizing institution when you read some of the reasons they use to rate a state. Washington restricts the use of cell phones in automobiles. I imagine they would rate most airline as restricting the use of cell phone while planes are taxiing as a lost of freedom. I don't think they know what freedom is... Spad
  6. SonicBlue03

    SonicBlue03 Snohomish Well-Known Member

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    Interesting order. Surprised (and not) to see Washington so far down.

    What are the most gun-friendly non-U.S. countries? My wife asked me the other day if I'd ever consider spending a couple of years abroad just for the experience. My response was, "I'm not selling my guns and I'm not leaving them all here." Where the heck could I even GO?