Fred's Hobbies and Guns closes after 35 years

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    Oh boy! Back in Sequim, there was Fred's. Great little store. Linda definitely added some character to the place:eek:.
    Boy did she have her days. But many a folk had been coming in there since Fred opened it way back when.
    She fired her husband (Fred) cause he would sit in back all day. So he went and worked for the local tribe casino. He used to be the police chief for Sequim
    Mike,a local guy, came in every day it was open (not me but another mike,lol Yeah I was there too much) Some days he couldn't help himself,had to buy another gun. He bought a new Marlin 336 in 30-30. I asked how many 30-30s he had.He came back a few days later and told me he had 27. That's 30-30s not lever guns
    Art ,long gone now, would come in to pick up a gun he had just bought online about twice a week
    Deano and me would be sitting there ready to leave when an older gal would bring her dead husbands guns in to get rid of. Yeah we were poachin'. But Linda would give us first pick sometimes. And sometimes we got some pretty good stuff!
    And now there will be a hole in Sequim.Not just in the gun community,this was a hobby shop also.And a business.Too many empty spaces in Sequim cause rents are too high
    Now in the firearm community,there needs to be another gun store there. Had I still lived there,I may have thought about opening up a store. But I have a house here now and don't intend to move from the area,at least, for some time.
    There will be estates to buy. The theme there is couple retires,husband dies,wife sells guns
    And Sequim is chock full of retirees.
    There could be money to be made if you wanted to open a gun store.
    Just not in the Fred's spot,the parking sucked bad,lol
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