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FoxPro Model 416B Digital Predator Call

Remote control up to 200 yds
External speaker jack
External audio jack (for plugging in IPod)
Programmable for up to 16 calls (pre-programmed sounds listed below)
Speaker: Four "AA" Batteries
Remote: One "9V" Battery

1. Coyote Locator
2. Interrogation Howl
3. Male Challange Howl
4. Female Invitation Howl
5. Coyote Pup Distress #2
6. Red Fox Pup
7. Bobcat In Heat
8. Jackrabbit Distress
9. Rabbit Distress #2
10. Rodent Distress
11. Fawn Bawl
12. Prairie Dog Distress
13. Woodpecker Distress
14. Starling Distress
15. Crow Fight
16. Prairie Dog Whistle

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