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    Over the years Four Corners Rod and Gun club has had a pretty good relationship with the Statesman. They come out and cover our month long sight in service during the month of Sept to help local hunters get their rifles ready for hunting season. They have also done stories in the past on the success of our Junior Rifle teams (we have one of the best programs in the State)

    We offer a number of different training classes for the public. Including as many hunters safety classses as we can fit in during the season. As well as the Basic handgun class we also offer a basic rifle course.

    The club promotes a number of different monthly events from Hunter Rifle events to golfball and bowling pin shoots.

    We are getting very close to our membership cap (with the recent rush to join) But our year starts in July so if we are full when you contact us maybe later in the summer (theres always a few who do not reup) you can get in.

    Four Corners Rod and Gun Club

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