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    Sup guys.

    Always happy to become a part of another community.

    I'm 25, from the Puyallup/Bethel area. Over in Iraq for work right now, in charge of Medevac operations and dispatch. Been over a year since I've been home or even back to the states for that matter... I really miss the color green. I just purchased my first AR this week, it's sitting at my FFL (who was kind enough to keep her safe for me till I return, 33 days more).

    Noveske 14.5 + FH, SB, chrome-lined upper, stripped Noveske N4 lower. Looking forward to building the rest of her, rest of the parts are on the way to my house as I type! Wish we had SBR's instead of suppressors though, the 10.5 was lookin good.

    Now I'm just looking for a secluded place to go pop off rounds. I'm not too keen on the ranges with shot/second rules or 1 round per mag (Renton). :huh:

    I'm aware of the USFS CFR's in regards to firearm discharge. But still kinda sketched about how a ranger just might interpret them not to my advantage. I'm an avid hiker/backpacker. I've probably hiked to 30+ of the different lakes in the Snoqualmie area, and make it a point to pack out my refuse as well as what the jack offs leave up there.

    I'm going to check out Range 15 for sure though. I have to go on base to renew one of my credentials and will ask about my access while there. Seems like they have a very nice set-up there.

    Anyway, stay safe and keep shootin.

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    Just a guy.

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