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FMK 9C1 review...one of the new kids on the block

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by sandman1212, May 22, 2013.

  1. sandman1212

    sandman1212 NW Oregon Active Member

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    I just picked up an FMK 9C1 Gen 2 today and had a chance to get it to the range. I just thought I would throw a quick review up on a little known pistol.

    First off the basics, it is a 9MM, DAO, striker fired, semi auto. It comes with 5 replaceable rear sights and two replaceable front sights and 2 14 round magazines. It is laser engraved on the slide with the bill of rights, micro engraved with patriotic sayings on the serrations and comes in Black, Coyote and Pink.

    take a look at the website, it may interest you.
    You can see it here; FMK Firearms - 9C1 Pistol - Proudly American - 9mm handgun - 9mm pistol - polymer frames - double action pistol - 2nd amendment

    now on to the fun stuff...

    I went straight to the range from the gun store, no cleaning before putting it through the test. If it would fail, more than likely it would fail here. I like to see what my guns will do under the worst of circumstances.

    The trigger on the Gen 2 is a long and comfortably light, but smooth pull that breaks surprisingly well, but with an equally long reset. I would compare the trigger to any of the popular DAO pistols currently on the market such as Kahr, S&W M&P and Glock. If it does not meet these pistols trigger, then it exceeds it.

    I ran a total of 125 rounds through it today, 50 Tula 115 Grain, steel cased ball, 50 S&B 115 Grain brass cased ball and 25 rounds of Hornaday Critical Defense 124 Grain. I chose the Tula because most firearms don't do well with steel cased ammunition so my theory is that if it shoots Tula fine, more than likely it will shoot brass ball rounds fine.

    I had a total of 2 failures, both with the steel cased Tula, one FTE and one FTL and both in the first two magazines, but none with the brass cased or defense ammo.

    Accuracy was surprisingly good out of the box, without a cleaning before hitting the range. I held groups of under 2" at 7 yards.

    Both weight and recoil were light and easily manageable compared to other pistols of comparable size and the price point at the MSRP of $399.99 makes this a fun addition to a collection for a range gun.

    The bad points of this gun are all caused by the manufacturers home state of California... the mag out safety and mag release without allowing the mag to drop free make this gun a challenge for the concealed carrier. Both of these have rumors that they can be fixed, but until then, it may not be suitable for carry by some.

    The reason that I chose to purchase this gun was the fact that it screams right wing extremist! It has the bill of rights, In God we trust on the top of the slide, thank you: US Military all laser engraved somewhere on the firearm. It also comes with a book called Red State Coalition, that reiterates their beliefs, has the words to the constitution etc within its pages. this company has spent a lot of time and money on the things that this pistol presents for this to be a patriotic gimmick for sales.

    Whether you are looking for a new range toy, something that screams your beliefs or think that you will have no need for more than 14 rounds in a defensive situation, I would encourage you to take a look at this pistol as a possible filler to what ever spot in your collection you are trying to fill.
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  2. Oklahomie

    Oklahomie Marysville Active Member

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    I was thinking about picking up one of these as my first pistol but it was difficult to find, I did get a chance to fondle one at sport co in downtown Seattle. I remember the trigger being pretty heavy, at least to my novice booger hook, anyway great write up though!
  3. sandman1212

    sandman1212 NW Oregon Active Member

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    Oklahomie, DAO are usually heavy triggers compared to SA pistols. Many manufacturers keep them that way to act as a safety. The trigger on the FMK is still heavy, but compared to it's fellow DAO pistols, it is quite comfortable.
  4. RBid

    RBid Wilsonville, OR Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for a very to-the-point, clearly written review. I would love to see this turn into a 1,000 round journal/extended review.
  5. Blackcobra

    Blackcobra Camas Platinum Supporter Platinum Supporter

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    Great review, Sandman. One just sold on Gunbroker for $275 - brand new.