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    This is the most unusual of my Mosin collection, a 1928 Finn Mosin M28
    by serial number, this is one of the first 5000 delivered to the Finn Home Guard, not the Finn Army
    this rifle has a Swiss Sig heavy barrel, re-used 1917 Mosin receiver and a Remington bolt
    Finn 2 stage trigger
    russian style Konovalov rear sight
    receiver marked SY for Home Guard
    then stamped in WW2 with SA for the Finn Army and rechambered for the Finn Army D166 round and marked with the acceptance "D" on the reciever - known as a D shank M28
    the D shank Sig barreled Mosins were the most accurate combat rifles of WW2
    the stock is a mid '30s Finn M28-30 with metal shanks in the stock and dual crossbolts
    know as a Finn potbelly stock - the splice is intentional to keep the stock from warping in the sub zero Finn Winter
    typical of an armory rebuild during the Winter War of 1939
    not a lot of M28 survived the Winter War and Extension War in tact
    for those interested, read the book "Rifles of the White Death"


    P1030951.JPG P1030959.JPG Finn 2 stage trigger.jpg pix652276043.jpg
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