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Does anyone know if you can do digital fingerprints for a silencer? Or are we stuck doing ink and paper.

If ink does anyone know a good place to go? My local PD was kinda expensive but they were friendly and efficient.
I hate the paperwork on these things. It already takes long enough, but if you screw up the paperwork it could be 30-60 days before you find out you have to fill them out again(grrrr). I don't usually purchase guns online but these I do.

I use Capitol Armory ( out of Austin TX. Set up an account, send in pics and prints, and a copy of your trust (if you use one). They will file all and when you buy from them they fill out all of the paperwork for you (correctly) have you DocuSign them and then send you hard copies to take in to your LSG. Your actual purchase is from the LGS and they will send them in to the ATF.

It really is very simple and they do not charge for their service other than buying from them. Plus they carry many items that SS carries, and often at a discount. Purchased one yesterday morning, was done and hung up within about 15 min.
Add me to the SilencerShop camp. Very easy, just make sure you review their paperwork with a fine toothed comb before you let them submit to the NFA. I caught a typo with the serial number that could’ve delayed my Form 4 approval for months.


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My local FFL submitted my fingerprints electronically, done in-house. I bought the suppressors from him. He made the process nice and easy. Not sure if he would be available to do the prints for you to submit through someone else.

Adaptive Firing Solutions, LLC in Oregon City.

Sporting Systems

We do prints and pics in house, using the Fulcrum biometrics electronic scanner and those are valid for 3 years. We also do custom firearms trusts and oregon purchasers pay no sales tax, no transfer fee through our Oregon FFL, and we stock a huge variety of you can touch, see, and feel them. One stop shop...stocking shop.


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