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    We are Oregon Brass llc (www.oregon-brass.com) , an environmental cleanup company focused on protecting Oregon Gun Owner’s rights. Each weekend our company heads to the Mount Hood National Forest and removes trash and debris from areas frequently used for target shooting by responsible gun owners. We help in the fight to protect the image gun owners present in the State of Oregon. Currently across the nation more and more citizens are becoming concerned with protecting the environment. Oregon Brass is one of the first organizations removing the impact even responsible shooters make on the environment.
    Oregon Brass llc, was founded in early January of 2009. Our mission from the beginning has been, and will always be, protecting Gun Owners rights while minimizing our impact on the environment we love. We are dedicated to the cleanup of public shooting areas in the national forest. We are doing this to keep those areas open to all shooter.
    We are looking for help from shooters in all areas to step up to the plate and help our cause out. We have several methods that people can help. One is to buy some of the brass we clean and restore to as close to factory condition as possible. Or you can help us by attending one of quarterly TARP shoots. We will collect any brass left on the tarps at the end of the day and sell it to further fund our cleanup efforts. Our first Tarp Shoot is scheduled for the 19 of July 2009.
    We also take donations, or if you have time we are holding an annual group clean up event called “The Oregon-Brass Project”. This will be a non shooting event where we will start at the top of Memaloose Rd. and clean all of the ranges of non biodegradable material.
    Please visit our web site http://www.Oregon-Brass.com or come talk to us at the Portland expo center gun shows. We will gladly explain more of what we are doing and how it can help you and all shooters.

    Please note, the Lower 6.8 miles of Memaloose has been closed to shooters. We need your help to reverse this. please see our group shoot thread here: http://www.northwestfirearms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11697 and come help us if you can.
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    Welcome, we look forward to working with you :)
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    Welcome to the site and best of luck with your new business. sounds like a good concept.

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