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Discussion in 'Questions & Help' started by The Heretic, Jun 1, 2019.

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    A while back I suggested that we have a sticky on the laws on firearms transfers.

    That got shot down because the mods said the laws change too frequently. I disagree - the laws don't change that frequently that a sticky couldn't be updated.

    Then tonight, just when I was going to post some cites from the ORS on firearms law, and some URLs, to a thread, where someone was seeking info on carrying firearms in cars, was closed by a mod because somehow the firearms laws sub-forum is not the place to ask about firearms laws?

    Come on! :rolleyes:

    There are a number of other websites where they answer questions about firearms laws.

    The law isn't that complicated, especially if you go read the law itself.

    But ok - it's your forum. Run it how you want.

    If you don't like questions about firearms laws, then why don't you just shut down the sub-forum that is "This section is for the discussion of current firearm laws and legal questions."? :rolleyes:

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