Father of high school shooter indicted.....

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    You gotta love his lawyer doing his job: it's true the Tribal Court did not issue an order prohibiting him from possessing a gun, but their permanent DV restraining order had the force of law, and should have been sufficient to trigger the Federal prohibition - if the Feds had known about the order.

    It looks like what happened here is a simple lack of communication between the Tribal Court and the Federal authorities. He doesn't get to skate by - he knowingly lied on the Federal form, and he should go down for it.

    We can argue all day long about whether every person has the right to self defense, but that's not synonymous with gun ownership. Just like we have different levels of trust for people based solely on their age, likewise it makes sense that we have different levels of permissiveness regarding the tools of self defense that are available to people who have violated the social contract in some significant way.

    That is, (IMO) a convicted felon has the right to self defense, but not with a gun. This tragedy is a textbook case as to why: the weapon used in these murders was bought by a man whom the law should have turned away.

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