Other State Multiple Victims In Shooting At Saugus High School In Santa Clarita: Police

I will say it again we need to either arm our teachers or hire trained people to protect our children
Now thats a school bond I'd vote yes on
look Israel they know and don't screw around .
Liberals don't want to protect our kids they want to run our lives from birth to death
Indeed. My wife is a high school teacher. She is a trained, experienced shooter, carries concealed with the appropriate license and is a pretty good shot. But in her classroom she's disarmed. Makes zero sense. :mad:


There are places I frequent during the day that run the gamut from public space, private property with no EDC signage or concern, state and federal buildings that are clearly marked as to FA possession, and there are school properties that post that they are tobacco, drug and gun free.

In particular regards to the last category, the signage is misleading. At least when I am around.


Thoughts and Prayers to the victims and there families!!

Now for the love of god can we please arm our teachers!!!!:mad:
How dare you call for "Thoughts and Prayers" and arming teachers.....................
You must be a racist terrorist on the NRA's payroll.

Buttgag said:
It is time to hold the NRA and our leaders in Washington accountable.
Booker said:
We need to bring a fight to the NRA.

Thoughts and prayers for the families impacted. I’ll wait until the narrative is cleaned up a bit. But the shooter is reported as being 15 years old. Where’d they obtain the firearm and ammo? From the parents? Friend? Friends parents? Other relative?

California has some of the most draconian gun control laws in the country including background checks on ammo purchases...

So please, members of the democrat party, explain to me how this could have possibly happened in your Utopia...
Prayers for the victims and there families

We are living in a broken society :(

I wasnt there for it but I hear the old storys of high school parking lots, pickup trucks and gun racks. Hunting before/after school and not a shooting to be heard of.

I do remember 4/20/99, being in class an seeing the reports on Columbine coming in. It was a real oh $h#t! moment.

It seems in todays more "progressive" "diverse" America where God, family, respect , and personal responsibility are all being tossed out the window, these shooting have become a common/regular occurence.

I think any rational thinker can see, guns are not what is causing young people to feel the need to hurt people.
Young people WANTING to hurt others is the issue that needs to be solved, not guns.


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