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    Who has bags for their entire family and how are they set up? I'm getting ready to put my family's together and curious to hear how others have it set up?

    Divvy up the supplies across all 4 bags?
    Put the most important and/or heavier stuff in my bag and non extremely necessary stuff in the rest of the families?
    3-5 day equipment in mine and longer periods in the other bags?

    Also, I have a 20 month old. Thoughts on having a baby backpack carrier as my BOB?
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    All should have about the same supplies, except maybe no ammo for the Youngsters. That way If You happen to get separated everyone has about the same supplies. Baby carrier on the front of an adult to balance the load with the BOB, preferably one who won't be in a Primary Defensive role. Make sure the kids know how to use the supplies and equipment they are given. Live demonstrations work best for kids. Keeps their attention. Having something and not knowing how to use it is as bad as not having something at all...Hope this helps...
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    I have food and water shared for what we would intake, (so kids are a little less). Clothes and things needed also in each. Equipment my wife and I share. Everyone has a first aid kit. Ammo is in my wife and mine, determined by what we each carry. I have the kids carry little and light things, like cooking mess kit, toilet paper and other light things.
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    The number 1 thing I tell people who are thinking about putting together BOBs... make them modular. I recommend separating things out in 2 ways: things that are high in value, and/or you use every day. For example, your GPS/handgun/amateur radio, these things even if you don't use them every day are very expensive and should not be left laying around in a car, but if you are going to carry them on a daily basis, put them in a briefcase or messenger bag or whatever you carry with you every day to work.

    The second bag should carry the bulkier lower value items, like sleeping bags, canned foods, and spare clothes.

    The reason I say this, some years ago my BOB got pinched out of my car, thankfully my handgun wasn't in it, but my GPS and radio were, between the two of those that was nearly a thousand dollar hit, not to mention the hundreds of dollars in other stuff that was in there. If it's valuable enough to keep in your BOB, it's valuable enough to keep with you everywhere.

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