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Ok so I have some stuff laying around that I do not need and would like to find it a new home hopefully someone can use these items .

1. 30 Round British Fal Mag ( Inch Pattern ) these were made for the L2A1( heavy barrel FAL ) as well as the L4 (7.62 NATO Bren ) they do fit the standard L1A1 British Fal and can be modified to work in a Metric Fal people do it all the time it is extremely easy to do . $40 SOLD

2. Carlson's Winchoke Turkey Choke $15

3. Stainless Savage 93 Magazine for a 22WMR / 17HMR rifle $10 SOLD

4. 11 Rounds of 348 Winchester Brass $5.50 that is .50 cents a around , the cheapest new brass is Jamison Brass on Midway at $1.20 per round , after that the Hornady brass on Graf's is over $2 per round , this ain't a bad deal at all. SOLD

5. Breda Roma steel magazine space to convert your M1 Garand from 30-06 to 7.62 Nato . The italians did use these in their 7.62 Nato Garands , the US Navy used a plastic spacer , this is much more durable and longer lived than the US piece. $15

I would prefer FTF in Salem , but will ship on your dime . No I will not ship the FAL mag to a place that I need to consult an attorney about before shipment.

I am looking for a couple of molds . I need one in .323 diameter so I can cast some 8mm bullets , something 175 grains or heavier , I also want a 45/70 mold in 405 or 500 grains . Lee Molds are fine but I would be tickled to get a Lyman mold . Factually I'll happily take a pair of lee molds for the FAL mag .

As for other trades let me know and maybe we can work something out.


IMG_5478.JPG IMG_5479.JPG IMG_5480.JPG IMG_5481.JPG IMG_5482.JPG IMG_5475.JPG IMG_5476.JPG IMG_5471.JPG IMG_5472.JPG IMG_5473.JPG
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