Ex-Justice Stevens wants to change 2nd Amendment

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    Stevens’ view of Second Amendment: part denial, part grudge, wholly wrong?

    Today’s edition of USA Today covers a new debate over the Second Amendment, ignited by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in his new book about how he would change the Constitution, leaving one to wonder if this rant is part denial and part grudge over being on the losing side in two major Second Amendment rulings.

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    Thanks for your continued work, Dave.

    Meh. Former SCOTUS justice is just that, angry, retired, old man. Next topic, please.
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    Riggghhhttttt... So, former Justice Stevens, you are telling me that every able-bodied 17-45 year old male citizen (and per the WA state codes, our governor can do the same with every 18 year and older, non-gender specific, able bodied citizen) has a *right* to be conscripted into militia duty? Anywhere else, that would be called an "obligation".

    What happens then? Even if the federal government and the individual states had the means to arm every 18 year and older able bodied citizen that could possibly be called up, it would be useless to do so without them (us) receiving adequate training, which REALLY won’t be possible under the exigent circumstances that would require a call-up of the unorganized federal militia detailed in 10 USC 311 (or in WA, also see http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=38.04.030 for the composition of the militias: Organized (the NG) and unorganized (all others remaining)).

    If we get the Stevens' revision, perhaps we can it do like in Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs, where one rifle was issued to every 3 ( or 5, depending which myth you read) defenders: As soon as one defender fell to enemy fire, the next was expected to pick up the rifle and continue fighting. I'm sure Gov. Inslee will be leading us to a glorious victory.

    In the mean time, this retired Marine will continue to practice on his own, with his own, and continue to teach others.
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