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I also am a member here great facility. Has all distances that you really need for shooting nice rifle side and nicer pistol side. Good competitive shoots every month.
I hope someone sees this in the New Post section ... as the thread has long gone cold.

Does this club have a website and a match listing? I can only find a Face Book page that does not detail much.

Happy New Year!
So, since I first posted in 2013, I've since moved from hoping to become a member to being President of the club... If anyone has any questions about the club, let me know.
Almost two months later...
ERGC match dates and some contact info on this:
It's a really nice little range.
Thanks ORN197,

I saw this the day you posted, but have been really busy. I tried the contact (email) the person in the linklisted above, but it bounces. I was hoping to get my son into the Cascade League match a while ago, as he has just started highpower and is still pretty intimated with it all the procedural elements of a match. So a low key 100 yard match would have been perfect for him.

I would have contacted Barry at DRRC as my boy had just shot the Service Rifle Clinic match there and Barry pointed out Estacada's' upcoming match, but he was out of town. I hear the range is very nice, I'm sorry we missed the match.
So, since I first posted in 2013, I've since moved from hoping to become a member to being President of the club... If anyone has any questions about the club, let me know.
Thanks, it's nice to have a direct contact point. Do you have a website, or could you put up more info on your FB page? I hate to pepper folks with questions if there is a simpler method to gather the data.

Cascade League is a lot of fun. As you say, relaxed for the new folks with plenty of coaching, and a good opportunity for the rest of us to ease back into it.

Our next match is at 200 yds at DRRC, but if your son has some prior experience with Highpower and Service Rifle, it might be worth asking Carl if he'd be OK with your soon shooting the next match. Can't hurt to ask; his contact info is on that schedule, try his phone. The upcoming match features a clinic on Saturday (no live fire) and the actual 200 (reduced) match on Sunday.

We'll shoot a few more 100-yd matches after that but they're all for classification and thus run more tightly. Beyond those, it's all XTC from here on out.
I applied a year ago before I was an NRA member. Now I am a Life NRA member and Pistol instructor, working in my RSO. Is there a way to update my application?

I would send a letter to the address posted on the website with a reminder of your previous application and your proof of NRA membership. However I would remind a person applying for membership that being a member of the NRA is a prerequisite, so how long, or if at all, those applications are retained I have no idea.

Edit: I didn't look at the original posting date, but this thread is weird as the description is one I made last week (and was still a'waiting approval) but the comments are years old. I'm confused.
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How do these "sight in days" work??
It's almost three years since this was asked, however I can provide that information.

"Sight in days" happens every year at the Estacada Rod and Gun Club range the first week of September (usually the first few days) to about the second week of October. It's from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. seven days a week. The fee is $5.00 per rifle. For that you get a chamber flag to keep, a target (additional are available for a few cents), and the time to bench your rifle (sand bags are provided, no commercial devices except bi-pods) for zero, including advice or assistance. It is a 25 and 100 yard rifle range. You can bring as many rifles as you want, but only one rifle will be on the range at a time. So if you bring 10 rifles you'll be making 10 trips to your vehicle. Foam ear plugs are available for less than a buck if you forgot to bring your hearing protection, as well as safety glasses, which are loaned. Minors are required to have hearing and eye protection. Everyone is required to have hearing protection. Even if stone deaf. Eye protection over the age of 18 is not required, but encouraged.

Any rifle up to .458 magnum is allowed. But be advised "Sight in days" is specifically that, sighting in your hunting rifle to harvest game, so consider that when selecting your rifle. The rules are every rifle will be examined, as will every cartridge you will fire (none in pockets). Insure that the cartridges match the rifle's marked chambering. Factory ammunition in it's original box is preferred, though hand loaders will not be turned away. However if you show up with your ammo in a baggie you may be denied. One round and one round only will be loaded at a time regardless if bolt action or magazine fed. If you want to bring that hundred round drum that's fine, except you will take it out to load your one round at a time, chamber and fire. The rules of safety are paramount with no exceptions. When signing in rifles will be presented without a case, it would be best to leave it in your vehicle. The action will be open, muzzle in a safe direction. Follow the directions you are told and read the safety rules on the wall. Any violation of those rules can result in ejection, but that is very rare.

The bottom line is it's a nice way to spend a few bucks to establish your zero or confirm your zero. The rules are for everyone's safety and aren't onerous. Be advised to bring at least 40 rounds, what you don't use can be used later. Shooting is a perishable skill so sometimes we are a little out of practice, and having to drive to the closest store that has ammunition isn't the best use of time.

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