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Max Shooting Distance
100 Yards

About This Resource

ERGC is a club owned range in Eagle Creek Oregon. It consists of a 50 yard pistol range and a 100 yard rifle range, both covered with folding tables or benches. While membership is closed and limited at present to 350 (and the wait list is currently over a year waiting) the range is open to the public several times a month for shooting events. There is a pistol "Bullseye" event (where any pistol is allowed but semiautomatics' are the norm), a rimfire rifle event, and usually several other rifle events such as Sporter rifle, bench rest, or an NRA hi-power event. The entry fee is from $5.00 to $10.00 for events and targets are provided. It is also open to the public every year from the first week of September to the first week of October for "Public Sight-in Days." The fee is $5.00 per rifle (only one allowed on the firing line at a time) targets provided. Shotguns are not allowed unless shooting slugs. While the club doesn't advertise much there is this link and it can be searched on Facebook.
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