DuneHoppers Guide to Local Community Activist :" the home grown lobbyist "

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    DuneHoppers Guide to Local Community Activist :" the home grown lobbyist "

    It was in another thread a person asked about what one does locally to get things going.

    First of all I am going to say getting and wanting pro-gun movements like lobbyist to work for you is laughable in my opinion. That story telling may work in big populated areas where media can sway opinion but here that does not work. As an example Oregon Firearms Federation in the past 10 years has paid for no radio spots, not TV and no billboards. That tells you even they know swaying public opinion via media does not work. And the rallies we have yea they are great and make us feel all warm and fuzzy and then we go home back to work and yell our no compromise rally cry and do nothing else. We then turn around think our responsibility means lets pony up a donation to a lobby some cash and we done done for a year.

    The truth is this is not a grass roots idea, lobbies have been around for over 100years. They work only when a population majority exist. The NRA even fears a majority in the high courts , why ? Because majority matters, not throwing money at lobbies. Ok so here how you get involved without needing to pay lobbies.

    In the Beginning :
    Ok first you need to reach those whom will give a crap about gun rights no one wants to waste time, what time we have chasing our tails. First before doing anything go to Gmail get a free email address you want to use call it yourtown2ndrights@gmail.com or something. Instead of donating that 35.00 to a lobby save it for fliers you will see why later. Next make a list of places you can post a notice a library or other center this will be the first part. ( note only use that email for this project using your personal one is not advised. )

    On the Second day :
    Find out which centers allow free use of their facilities many community centers allow this or have a small 10.00 fee. ( well show how to help you cover this later ).
    Create a flier make 50 copies should be fine with that date and post it around your city. Call it Gun Safety and Education Class ( free ). Make sure you it included for questions email you ( first name at the email ).

    On the third day we worked :
    This is were you work comes in, get to area laws, the easy ones like where you can carry, can you open carry. How to buy and sell. Then get information on safe use such a loading unloading and others. Do not get into the whole nation wide debate research this is a safety education you are working from, its not about Bernie and Hilary.

    Fourth day get busy :
    Call around to local gunshops, ranges or even the police station and ask for a guest speaker. Call the radio and ask if you can get a public announcement ? Don't laugh you would be surprised how many people will help once you ask, look at pro-gun mayors, counsel persons, commissioners to speak on a specific topic.

    On the 7th day were met :
    You attend your first meeting with locals. You introduce yourself and discuss your concern with gun safety, use and personal rights. If you have a friend you know with you it makes it much easier to do. use the rest of the money you have left on high points for your fliers. Pass them out and talk with people. Not to them with them like a town hall meeting light in nature.

    What your crazy man !
    Ok so your not that guy that gets involved you just like to talk about it in forums, then get a meeting with people you know, friends, family, church members, clubs even if its 5 people thats a start. Fliers ? there is a program called Open Office its free and you can even get free templates to make fliers if you don't have Microsoft Office etc. Start small remember you are not doing this to expand to anywhere other then your town.

    Things to remember :
    Do not posts photos of guns on your fliers instead post pictures of the community and something people would like to see, something you think reflects your town,. guns don't reflect a town and usually will intimidate to even want to show up thinking they are going to be schooled on gun safety.

    If you don't know an answer don't wing it, tell them you will get back to them and then ask them to leave an email or ? before they leave.

    There are free, places like blogger.com and others you can post updates after you get started they are also free. The next meeting you can post the web address or if you are out going make a nice friendly blog and then put that along with your email on the fliers.

    NO, this is not the be all to home activism its a start and once people get to know you then you can post people to get involved.
    If the hall cost 10 - 35 to rent for an hour ? leave a tip jar to help cover room, rental.
    Also good idea to check with your church about room rental.

    Be careful :
    Don't become that guy that wants to arm everyone and hates all liberals. You go into this with that mentality you will look like a crazy right wing Looney and thats how they will remember you. You are doing this to educate and to help the community.

    OK, Dunehopper nice story how does this help us in Salem ?

    Ok so now you have meetings and have established a name of the meeting now you have a group that can contact the senators on behalf of the group. If you can get a business to sponsor you, then one could even be a lobbies themselves. Imagine if every town wrote and showed up representing these groups. These groups that will remember not being heard. Oregon Firearms Federation not being heard takes one second as the Liberal-Antis do not like OFF nor its operator so they care not about the membership. They will however take notice of small grass roots groups that cover a mass area.
    You only need a small group, even it its just 10 family members thats how this works.

    It wont work .....you say.
    I tell you what look in the mirror and realize how wrong you are.
    Amway, and every direct sales business like Avon, Marry K etc use this business model.
    The problem with lobbies in Oregon is they DO NOT SELL. they speech, and direct and report. This is the exact same business model tweaked to a Gun Activist point of view.
    Millions buy and sell and communicate from this business model.

    We need not only voices we, bodies that want changes.
    With groups like this new legislation can be brought up.

    Still not convinced ?
    Well Oregons Marijuana Law was able to pass into law with far less effort then I mention, it didnt start from brow beating it started from education. At the local level.
    This is how you get a majority in a state !

    Stop listening to self established money pits that tell you each year to donate. Unless they can help you locally in your town or nationally then they are smoke and mirrors as well.

    That some basics obviously not 100% for everyone. And those that want to sit and wait for lobbyist to make huge promises and accomplish nothing, its your money not mine.

    Don't like the idea think its a joke, them please pass on by this thread.
    I wont defend the process as its a proven method not used .
    These are my words and my process mention, no part was copied or plagiarized.
    Sure there are a couple typos i'm tired will clean them up later.

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    Last bit of advice: Find a way to have fun doing it :)
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    Good information and suggestions DH. The only thing I would mention is that not everyone is well equipped to do what you recommend, nor will everyone have the time to put into such an effort.

    I think you were hinting at this in what you wrote, but I just wanted to express it outright- get help if you can. Some people are great working at home doing administrative tasks (fliers, making reservations for meeting places, etc.), but won't necessarily want to lead or maybe even attend a public meeting. Others may be very well suited to meeting with community leaders but don't have the best administrative skills. Folks usually know their own limits, and if they're given a chance to say what they do well, and to work within those limitations, you're likely to get more investment in the activity.

    For example, I myself am not the kind of person that's going to hold public events or go meeting with community leaders. I can do that, but I'd rather focus my skills elsewhere. So, my goal at the moment is to coordinate the thread on pro-gun and anti-gun candidates on this site. It's something I can do when I have time available, and I can get help from others in the form of information. It may not quite be the local involvement you note in your thread, but I'm hoping to help educate pro-gun voters on who their best choices are in 2016.

    I appreciate your efforts and hope your post will spark some other folks in this state to step up and either lead some kind of effort or volunteer to be part of one. 2016 is a huge election year for gun owners, we can't afford to sit at home and do nothing. We need every single pro-gun voter, voting for pro-gun politicians, at least for this election cycle. A clear message needs to be sent to Salem that attacking our rights will have political consequences - and I do believe we have the numbers statewide to make that statement - if everyone that cares about their gun rights votes pro-gun.
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    Great right up DH!

    I will ponder this some but have 2 plates full right now and no third arm (I got a third leg though;):rolleyes::p).

    Seriously though, I would have to be careful - while my wife is not a politician, she is involved with parts of the local government and what I publicly say and do could be a detriment to her carrier (and she's paying the bills right now so I don't want to tip over that golden wagon:D).

    Again, it was an excellent right up and instructional enough that a knuckle dragger could effectively pull it off:).
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    Great write up DH. I'm bookmarking this thread. Much info which can be used
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    Hi guys,
    Nope its not for everyone.

    Not to get all religious, but years ago when I was and active pastor I was speaking with
    some men that said they could not attend the mens group that was 1.5 hours every two weeks. When asked about the reason none of them ever said.
    1. It was too far.
    2. Their family didn't wan them too
    3. They didn't feel it was important.
    4. They were not smart enough.
    What they said was they are often busy so we made it at 7 am on Saturdays to make it easy for people to attend it and still these same people did not.

    My point is even with good intentions its not for everyone.
    I have hopes my friends that there is one good man or woman in your city that would take 1 or 2 hours a month to help protect ones rights ? We have 20K people here and we not only found 1 person we found three. Imagine if all 476 cities in Oregon had one meeting like this a month ?
    Portland Eugene Salem Gresham Hillsboro Beaverton Bend Medford Springfield Corvallis are the largest cities with a high population I would think one or two people could be found pretty easy ?

    There are 30K members here I would guess at least half are in Oregon that means of 15K we can't find 3.1% of the active members here to do it :) ( that would about equal 476 people )
    In a state with a population 4.03 million, we cant find 476 people ?

    It probably is not for everyone. hehe
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