DIY Gunsmithing Pin Removal Blocks

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    I have a bunch of cut Acrylic that I want to give to my friends here for free, all you gotta do is pick em up in Seattle (no more than 2ea per person, unless nobody wants em). This stuff has worked great for me removing pins on handguns, and this time around I have larger sections that I think would work well for AR lowers or the like.
    I have 7 rectangular blocks, and 15 circular blocks. I didn't drill any holes in these, since I figure it gives you the option to add whatever size holes you'd like, in whatever position you'd like. In the picture you'll see an example of what I did for myself, although a single center hole works just as well.


    If interested, call dibs on what you want and lemme know when you'd like to get em. I live in the University District and work at South Lake Union (M-F, 9-4:30) and can meet in either location. :)

    Edit- If you want me to put holes in it for you, just let me know the size/position/quantity and I can.

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