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Discout NRA Membership Challenge

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by ajgunner, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. ajgunner

    ajgunner Molalla, OR Active Member

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    Since there has been lots of chatter here on firearm and Magazine bans, I figured I would pass along a great deal and make it a challenge.

    I challenge each any everyone of you that reads this, to dig deep into your fun money and come out with an extra $25 bucks. If you are allready an NRA member, please take that $25 bucks and sign up and gift a membership to someone (friend, neighbor, co-worker). Whether or not you agree with all of their stances or not, they are fighting for your rights while all you are doing is grumbling about the pending status of these rights.

    This past weekend I turned a father and son onto the sport all of us on here love. I personally put on a 4 hour clinic on safety and shooting firearms responsibly. I dropped at least $50 on ammo and am pretty sure they are both hooked for life. As part of this afternoon clinic I have gifted the father a new NRA membership. I know he will appreciate it and will become a firearms owner in short time. A win/win situation, introduce a great sport and get more people on the right side of the debate.

    I probably spend too much time on here, and in doing so I know there is plenty of $$$$'s in most of your pockets. You know you will drop at least $25 at the sportman show, your next box of ammo, or a 1/2 case of micro brew. Why not do your part to expand the shooting sport and help the fight for our rights to do so.

    I plan to sign up/gift 4 new memberships this week. I challenge each and everyone of you to do the same.

    The information below is from a friend that has a bargain rate. Please e-mail him directly and he will send you the information.

    Now step up and e-mail Jim.

    As an NRA recruiter, I can offer special discounted memberships. If anyone is interested in these discounts, send me a pm with your address. I'll mail you the application form and then you can mail it back to me.

    The discounts are:

    One year - $25 instead of $35
    Three years - $70 instead of $85
    Five years - $100 instead of $125
    Life - $750 instead of $1000

    You can also do the easy pay life membership which is $25 per quarter until $750 is paid off.

    If you are interested, shoot me an email at training@proactiveshooters.com and I'll drop the application in the mail to you
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  2. sterzenbach

    sterzenbach Bend Oregon Active Member

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    Just got my WHOLE family signed up last week :thumbup: Come on guys listen to the man and sign up!!
  3. WoodyK

    WoodyK West End Of The Columbia Gorge Member

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  4. circlepranch

    circlepranch Battle Ground Wa Active Member

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    Thanks for info me and wife just joined
  5. Mac37

    Mac37 Oregon Member

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    NRA is running a special for Life memberships, $300! Not sure how long this lasts but that is a fantastic offer.
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  6. sig

    sig Vancouver, WA Member

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    If you want to stand up and join the NRA they have extended the $300 life membership offer. You can now sign up online at


    You need a sponsor to get the $300 "gift" membership

    Here's how.

    1. Find a life member or higher.
    2. Get their membership number, zip code and email.
    3. Go to the above website and use the above info to sign in. The security code they ask for is on the sign in page in a shaded box to the right.
    4. Hit the continue button
    5. Skip the second page by hitting the continue button again
    6. Under the Select A Gift Membership information box, use the draw down menu and check $300 Life Member.
    7. Fill out the rest with your information
    8. Hit the "Review and complete your transaction" button
    9. Don't forget to use your own info in the "Billing Info" section. Fill out and pay with your credit card.

    Sponsors don't get anything for sponsoring anyone other than the satisfaction that there is strength in numbers.

    You can also get a $20 membership this way as well.

    Credits to Zipgun NRA $300 Life Membership Deal - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source!

    $300 Life NRA, Or FREE 1 yr membership
  7. Kimber77

    Kimber77 Tri-Cities New Member

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  8. pyromancer

    pyromancer Portland Freelance Graphic Designer Bronze Supporter

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  9. ajgunner

    ajgunner Molalla, OR Active Member

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  10. Ironbar

    Ironbar Tigard, OR Well-Known Member

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    I signed up the Bass Pro Shop deal several weeks ago, and have not heard diddly-squat from anyone about the membership or the gift card.
  11. ajgunner

    ajgunner Molalla, OR Active Member

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    Send this important message back to the top.