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Dirty powder w231 vs BE

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by IheartGUNS, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. IheartGUNS

    IheartGUNS WaCo Well-Known Member

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    So couple days ago I shot 100 rounds of 45acp(reloads). 50 of them I used w231 and the other 50 I used bullseye. When I got home, I took apart my 1911 and I was surprised to see how filthy the gun was. I actually had to scrape the crud off of the barrel and frame before and after I scrubbed it down w/ some clp.

    I never had experience with carbon like that before. Is BE a dirty powder(my first time using it)? Or was it a combination of both powders that made my gun that filthy???
  2. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    Dunno about the combo thing but W231 was designed to shoot clean. I've never used Bullseye but I believe it's a flake powder and some of those are pretty dirty.. the worst I've used is Red Dot.. cheap but filthy stuff
  3. jib

    jib Central OR Active Member

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    Most powders leave residue if the pressure is to low. Try Titegroup, Clays or Accurate's Solo 1000.
  4. Squidly

    Squidly Sandy Active Member

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    I've noticed that BE is kinda dirty. It's been around a long time. There are better powders. W231 is my favorite for 45acp. Unique is ok in a pinch, dirty, but not as dirty as BE. I've used Clays for light wt target bullets. It's seems to be clean.

    I've had consistency problems with Titegroup. I have been using a hornady powder thrower. Any advice would be accepted. They say Titegroup is not for beginners. Well, then I must still be in the beginner stage. :)
  5. ogre

    ogre Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    I have always considered W231 to be a good, clean powder.
  6. FarmerTed1971

    FarmerTed1971 Portland, Oregon, United States Well-Known Member

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    I love W231. It's very clean in my experience.
  7. ripcity

    ripcity Milwaukie Active Member

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    I really like w231 also. It's always been clean in my 9's
  8. SinisterSouthpaw

    SinisterSouthpaw SW WA Active Member

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    As jib mentioned, any powder will leave "crud" behind if it is not being burned efficiently--which usually means at mid range or better pressure. Loading up a lot more powder than it takes to push the bullet out of the barrel can also produce a lot of carbon. Both these things can happen when we lighten up recoil by adjusting bullet weight.

    I shoot only light target loads in both my 1911s and have found N-340 to be easy to tune for accuracy and as much cleanliness as you can get when burning powder. HS-6 works pretty well too.
  9. AMProducts

    AMProducts Maple Valley, WA Jerk, Ammo Manufacturer Silver Supporter

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    If you're shooting light target loads, I highly recommend clays and titegroup, if you're going slightly heavier, HS-6 is a great powder for 40S&W and 9mm.

    Pressure, burn rate, chemistry and powder geometry (plus the amount of deterrent coating) all factor in to how clean a powder burns. For example, in rifles IMR single base powders burn much cleaner than double-base ball powders. It's just a reality of life... I personally find W231 to be a bit dirty with light loads, however I don't have that problem with clays.