Dillon 550 progressive loader & Dillon RCBS die sets .45ACP 44Mag .38/.357

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    The Dillon loader and the Dillon .45acp and .38/.357mag die sets are sold pending funds.

    The 44mag Dillon die set / base-stand & the RCBS .45acp carbide die set are still available.

    I do not reload or I would keep this for myself.

    I contacted Dillon mfg and they will clean up / refurbish the Dillon 550 for $44.95 cents if I send it to them. Dillon has one of the best warranties in the business. No questions asked. if something needs replaced due to it being broken or defective .... it's FREE. the cost to give the reloading tool a refurbish is reasonable and I will ship it off on Monday March 2nd if it's not sold by then ( Then I will repost it at $325 vs $225 )

    1. Dillon 550 progressive reloader. looks functional ( it's alittle dusty / i didn't bother cleaning it up for the pic ). Comes with the clear tube shown in the pic. Price $225 FIRM. These sell for over twice that new. SOLD

    2. 3 piece Dillon die set complete with the tooling mounts shown in the pic. I also have the 3 blue plastic boxes the dies came in. $200 for all three die sets ( 44mag - .45 acp and 38/.357 ). ALL 3 DIES SETS SOLD

    3. RCBS brand new 3 die Carbide TC set for .45 auto $45 THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE

    I am not a fan of e-mail tag so be prepared to hammer out the deal on the phone ( this means include a contact phone number in your initial inquiry ).

    I am located at exit 206 I-5 Smokey Pt in Snoho county. The deal will take place there unless you are paying via USPS money order and covering shipping costs. Not looking for trades. Cash deal face to face.

    There are a few other nick nack small reloading things I also have.

    My e-mail is target1961@yahoo.com target1961@yahoo.com

    thank you

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    What all do you still have left?I need to get another cal setup.44 might be good and I need several other things...let me know what all you have left..Robin

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