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Crosman nitro venom dusk, or any others at bimart? Review

Discussion in 'Air Rifle & Pistol Discussion' started by Shanel, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Shanel

    Shanel Albany New Member

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    Anyone here own this gun or any of the other .177 caliber air rifles from bimart? Looking for a decent quality backyard gray digger killer. Thank you in advance for any opinions
  2. Irishbandit

    Irishbandit Lynnwood, Washington Member

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    I'm selling my GAMO Whisper for $200 same as any new 1250 fps .177 caliber except my rifle has been broken in properly, has a newish spring, seals, lube and honed tube not to mention a CUSTOM trigger that reduces the notorious springer pull of about 6lbs to a mere 1.3 lbs.

    Let me know, I'll throw in a tin a NEW still sealed tin of Barracuda 10.65 grain pellets which will allow you kills over 100yards (I have one kill at this distance per rangefinder). Included is a 3-9x40mm adjustable scope and rings that is zero'd for 50yards.

    While kills are possible past 50 yards, this rifle (as most .177) is more devastating under 50yrds. I have taken rabbits, racoons, squirrels and countless crows, pidgen and starlings. Under 30yrds and it will decapitate starlings...literally.

    Let me know bud.
    I'm only selling cause I'm funding a new PCP rifle project ;) ..otherwise I'd keep it.
  3. drivepirate

    drivepirate willamette valley New Member

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    I was thinking of buying something for shooting the raccoons that come around my chickens in town. I don't think I need a scope and I don't want to $pend more than $100. There is a Bi-Mart close to me also.
  4. rolling18

    rolling18 Portland, OR Member

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    i have the Benjamin "nitro" .22 version 1250 thing is a beast will shoot through a metal 55gal drum.. and wheelbarrow, the bonus about the nitro is you can carry it charged w/o worrying about the seals/ or loosing pressure.. had about a year. not super loud either(i DONT) hunt with it. i'm a plinker

    i even came up with a "modified" HP .22cal pellet W/ a .177 cal BB super glued for "special applications" and works VERY well and accurate/ fun
  5. mcdougal

    mcdougal Roseburg, Oregon New Member

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    I have the nitro venom dusk in .22 and love it. I own lots of "real'' guns but this one is by far the one I like to shoot. It's cheap on ammo, accurate up to about 70-80 yards and has a ton of power. I can shoot all day in the back yard and never a complaint from the neighbors. I got mine on amazon for $150. The crosman hollow points are $8 bucks for the 500 count tin and seem to be the best ammo for this gun. Keep in mind you must learn the "artillery hold" (check it out on YouTube) to get the best accuracy.