Crosman 2100 Classic accurizing tune-up

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    I read somewhere that a guy stabilized his Crosman 2100 a lot by wrapping both ends of the barrel in white teflon plumbers tape.

    Made no sense to me until I looked at my 2100 and realized that what I thought was the barrel is actually a (loose rattling) sleeve over a skinny barrel inside. I'm hesitant to yank it apart and try the mod without some more info.


    Edited on 01-13-2013:

    Found a solution without opening the split receiver, which I'm told is a pain in the buttocks to reassemble with only 2 hands. So I'm glad I didn't do that.

    The problem with the stock 2100 is that the actual barrel (a very skinny tube) is hidden inside a barrel-looking sleeve that goes over it. This outer sleeve doesn't make much contact with the actual barrel at either end, so it rattles around on there when you handle the gun. Because the iron sights are on the loose sleeve, they move independently from the actual barrel with every little bump or twist. Accuracy suffers.


    - Remove both halves of the barrel band and slide the outer barrel sleeve off of the real barrel.

    - Add thick shims of electrical tape (or whatever) around the breech and muzzle ends of the exposed real barrel to increase diameter. The breech end needs a lot more. You'll see what I mean.

    - Experiment and adjust until the outer barrel sleeve fits snugly at both ends when you slide it back on. This greatly reduces the tolerance for play between the outer sleeve (with the sights) and the actual barrel inside.

    - Re-install the barrel band and zero your iron sights.

    Does this convert your 2100 into a sniper rifle? Hardly. But now your iron sights will stay aligned with the real barrel.

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