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    hey guys. i have been in contact with the hornady ammo manufacturers and they have awesome customer service... just wanted to say that first thing... even had good talks with the ammo engineer about issues i had. they wouldn't work in my px4 strom 40 compact at all. 9 out of 10 failed to feed...

    they ordered a gun from beretta and said the ammo worked. and sent me a box of 50... i sent the ammo that didn't work back to them. so that was cool... all paid by them

    but now i have a sig p229 in 40 and tried it and am having the same issue... and also had an issue in my m & p...

    just wonder if the rubber tip is causing the issue... for this reason i sent in the Beretta and they said it was fixed and has no issue. but it still didn't work when i got it... by the way they have awesome service as well!!!!

    so i resently stole my wifes glock and used it over christmas.. yep not one problem with any of the ammo. it eats everything up. not one issue with like 8 different types. and even reloads... thought i would try everything i could get my hands on...
    \ i am sold on glocks. i am using her gun now and giving her a choice of whatever she wants to keep at home and now a new pocket nice christmas present...

    let me know if anyone has had any issues with this round.. CRITICAL DUTY HORNADY DEFENSE ROUNDS 175 grain 40 s & w

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