Concealment Jacket?

I have a couple of Wrangler jeans jackets one blue, one black both have interior and exterior pockets, I can carry a Detective special of my 327 LCR and shoot right thru the jacket if needed. I can also use a slide style OWB holster with a Snubby or short barreled pistol and the jacket will conceal that.

If it is even colder, I can wear a hoodie under the jacket. more carry options, but more layers to deal with too.

I just carry as normal and add a revolver in my jacket pocket.



For me.....
I just wear my firearm in a holster. That being said..... I prefer a strong side paddle holster made of leather. Then, the jacket of my choice covers everything. Depending on the season.....well, change your jacket to suit the weather. See how that works? should also practice your drawing technique while wearing the jacket.

Aloha, Mark

PS.....BTW, I've been known to have my hand on a revolver, in my jacket pocket, when I answer the door to unexpected doorbell ringers.;)
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I'm a huge fan of Filson! I have a wool vest I paid an arm and leg for but, will never get rid of. Just a little on the spendy side for me right now.:)


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Cerberus Training Group
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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA
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