Complete reloading setup - Lock-N-Load progressive press w/case feeder + components

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    This has been sold, thanks NWFA!

    Sadly I am moving and cannot take this with me, so I am looking to sell my reloading equipment + stock. I would much prefer to sell everything as a package and am willing to cut a deal for the right buyer. However I will consider separating too. PM me what you would want to buy. All in there is close to $3000 worth of equipment + components. Selling for $2250 o.b.o - a screaming deal for someone just getting started or willing to take it all and sell individual items for profit.

    I'm sure I am missing a few things, but here is a pretty good list of what is included. Pictures here

    Hornady Lock-n-Load progressive press
    Case feeder with large and small pistolplates
    Lee Dies 9mm, 40S&W, 357 SIG, 45 ACP, .223
    Shellplates for the above calibers
    Headspace Gauge 223
    Micrometer upgrade for the powder dispenser
    Forster original case trimmer kit (brand new!)
    Primer pickup tubes
    Carbide Sizer Die 9mm
    Forster Chamfer and Deburring Tool
    Bullet Puller
    Hornady Powder Through Expander Linkage
    Hornady Lock-N-Load Bushings Pack of 10
    Primer Tray
    Tumbler, Separator
    RCBS lockout die (same as powder cop)
    RCBS Low primer detector/alarm
    Speer manual
    HP38 8lb container, more than half full
    electronic scale
    Accurate 2015 1lb - new
    Unique 1lb -new
    Power Pistol 4lb - new
    CCI primers small pistol 4700
    CCI primers large pistol 700
    CCI primers small rifle 3000
    Montana Gold bullets 45ACP (400 units)
    Montana Gold bullets 40S&W 155gr jhp 130 (700ish units)
    Montana Gold bullets 357 SIG 125gr fmj almost full box
    Montana Gold bullets 40 165gr cmj - a few hundred
    Hornady XTP 45 ACP JHP 180gr bullets - 500 units
    Hornady 9mm bullets 115gr - a few hundred
    Assortment of plastic cases to store your loads
    Thousands of pieces of brass in the above calibers (9mm, .223, 40S&W, 357SIG, 45ACP) - some of the clean, some not.
    Pine and particleboard bench
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