34973D6A-5C70-443C-89DB-E027F6497CC7.jpeg 64A0CD14-94AB-440F-84E4-C799E3303547.jpeg 12EDA17F-5612-4FF1-84AF-526C0DFD621F.jpeg F9E0D80D-CAF3-4730-9D6D-FEC134E26943.jpeg 4439A604-D278-4746-A755-7936F650DE40.jpeg

Selling this Colt Detective Special 6-shot 38 for a friend(I have an FFL). This revolver is in excellent condition with some minor turn marks and slight burn rings. The bluing looks like it was done yesterday! No holster wear and no other handling marks. I bought this from a NWF member about 8-9 months ago and did not fire it. I sold it to a buddy a short time later and he bought it just to have so he did not shoot it either. He asked me to sell to raise some cash for another project. Asking $675 and that will cover the transfer fee and background. Thanks for looking!

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