A detective is an investigator, usually a member of a law enforcement agency. Some are private persons, and may be known as private investigators or "private eyes".
Informally, and primarily in fiction, a detective is any licensed or unlicensed person who solves crimes, including historical crimes, by examining and evaluating clues and personal records in order to uncover the identity and/or whereabouts of the criminal.
In some police departments, a detective position is achieved by passing a written test after a person completes the requirements for being a police officer. In many other police systems, detectives are college graduates who join directly from civilian life without first serving as uniformed officers. Some people argue that detectives do a completely different job and therefore require completely different training, qualifications, qualities and abilities than uniformed officers. The opposing argument is that without previous service as a uniformed patrol officer, a detective cannot have a great enough command of standard police procedures and problems and will find it difficult to work with uniformed colleagues.

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  1. Tinker Pearce

    Detective Special in .32 Colt New Police

    The other day I stopped into Pinto's to introduce my friend Kevin to the wonder and glory of that particular shop. Naturally I had to have a look in the case and spotted a near-pristine Colt Junior .25 auto for $300- a pretty good price for one in that condition. I would have seriously thought...
  2. 4Freedom

    Utah Detective Assaults and Falsely Arrests Nurse For Following Law

    I am becoming more and more concerned with the status of our rights and the rise of what I feel is a militarized police state in our country. This woman was assaulted and arrested for following the law, which also was hospital policy. The detective had no authority to physically manhandle and...
  3. titsonritz

    Washington detective put on leave for video showing him pull gun on biker

    A detective in Washington state was placed on administrative leave Tuesday after video of a controversial traffic stop surfaced in which he’s seen pointing his gun at a motorcyclist without identifying himself Washington detective put on leave for video showing him pull gun on biker
  4. T

    1973 Detective Special

    I posted this recent find on another thread, but after a nice day at the range with this gun, I thought I would start a separate thread. As an old time detective about when this gun was new (1973), I think I would still feel mighty comfortable with it along with some modern ammo like this...
  5. MilitantBEEMER

    Value Unfired 1975 2" Colt Detective Special- No Box

    Any idea on a realistic value for this? I have been wanting to add one to the collection and I have an opportunity to snag one. This thing is unfired and in perfect condition. All original and unfortunately no box. Thank you
  6. clearconscience

    Fresno Detective killed by fellow Officer

    Tell me again how only Officer's can safely handle firearms. I say that condescendingly, However, I'm a huge supporter of LEOs and this is extremely tragic. What a horrible situation and now two lives are ruined, one ended. California sheriff's deputy accidentally shot, killed by colleague...
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