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Just picked up a new Delta Elite recently and haven't played with it yet but stripped it apart last night and the recoil guide rod is made of some sort of plastic (not sure if it's nylon or polymer). Started reading up and it appears Colt engineered it as sort of a part to take the abuse and break before the pistol potentially does. It also has a dual recoil spring set up which I found interesting.

Question is...where can I get a spare or maybe 2 spare factory guide rods, a set of replacement dual springs, and a replacement barrel link? Colt's website wasn't a lot of help. Suppose I could call them but have a feeling their customer service on the phone is like trying to contact someone at unemployment or the Irs, not helpful.

I want to have the extra parts around in case they do break (seeing as how the new one's were a limited run and they hadn't been made since the early 90's before the 2009 run). Not at this point wanting to go the "arm chair commando" route and start throwing aftermarket parts into it. I'd rather chew up a couple plastic parts in it's lifetime than have a broken gun on my hands because someone told me I had to put some uber tactical ninja bulletproof parts in it. In my experience with guns and cars...messing with throwing aftermarket stuff or changing the original design leads to 1. potential reliability issues. 2. voiding of the warranty. 3. a money pit updating everything else.
read this at wolfe springs
<broken link removed>

W.C. Wolff Company offers single recoil springs for the Delta Elite 10mm pistol. When using a Wolff single recoil spring to replace the original dual-springs, a standard diameter Colt (1911 series) recoil spring guide [/COLOR]MUST be used in place of the smaller guide supplied with the Delta Elite. Full length guide rod systems may also be used, provided they do not reduce the recoil space. The smaller internal spring supplied with the pistol must not be used with the Wolff single recoil spring. Note: The dual factory springs are rated at 23 pounds.
the recoil guide rod is made of some sort of plastic (not sure if it's nylon or polymer).

OK, just to clear something up - Nylon is a polymer. "Polymer" means a long chain of identical links. Almost any plastic is a "polymer." They can have very different qualities, so saying "polymer" doesn't mean a lot.

The exact compound Colt uses in their MSH's, those guide rods, and triggers is a medical-quality compound from DuPont called "Delrin." It is an outstandingly good compound and I would have no problem using it as a guide rod (going to buy a DE finally this fall, actually). As Pokerace noted, if you want to change things around, you need to change parts. But if you want to run Colt's excellent springs and dual-system, then stick with that. Colt is in the process of improving their parts web site. If you can't find what you want, just call them and they will do a phone order. they are very helpful. Often slow to ship, but helpful and fair.
This must be a change from the original production of DEs and the new ones they are producing. The one (well two if you count the custom one) both have metal guide rods, as have all the ones I have looked at over the years. I also run Wolff springs in mine since I tend to use full house 200gr loads.

Once again....not looking to change out to other stuff. Just looking for a source for the factory parts

Well, to repeat myself, call Colt. They sell their factory parts. They do it pleasantly, quickly, and at a very reasonable price vs. Midway, Brownells, etc. They are on vacation this week but I think back next week (the message will tell you). And the call is free...

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