CMMG Dedicated .22 Upper, (6) BDM mags, & Accesories, $525 Shipped (Photo)

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    I have a CMMG M4 16” Dedicated .22 Upper with upgrades, and Magazines. I thought I would use this more for practice, but it just sits in the safe collecting dust.


    Here is the link for the upper:

    CMMG Webpage LInk

    Upgrades and Parts include:

    Stainless Bolt +$30
    Anti-Jam Charging Handle +$20
    Bolt-Hold Open Device +$20
    TAC-Com Pressure Plug +$8
    (4) BDM 26-Round Mags +$88 (2) X-form Stainless, (1) X-form Polymer and (1)Gen 2 Polymer
    (2) BDM 30-Round Gen 1 Skinny Mags +$50
    (10) Upgraded Followers +$15
    (2) Bolt Hold Open Followers +$10
    Replacement Mag Springs +$3
    Magpul MOE Fore Grip +$28

    $270 Total in Parts and Upgrades
    $399 For upper
    Total New over $685 once shipped.
    Asking $525 Shipped OBO.

    I have shot approximately 1500 rounds of Federal Blue Box Bulk, and CCI Mini-mags. Runs 100% when used with mil-spec parts. Runs 97% with light weight trigger.

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