I understand your wanting to watch someone do it (I had the same urge before throwing caution to the wind and doing it myself) but let me just say that observing a build will be somewhat anti-climactic. You'll be thinking "Holy ____, it's really that easy?!" Wham wham wham pop in some pins, screw on this and that, torque stuff up... easy as pie (and I am not really all that mechanically inclined to be honest).

I don't want to dissuade you from observing as you will no doubt learn a bit and that will make your first build easier, but... If you have even the SLIGHTEST mechanical skill I say go ahead and jump in with both feet and build one following an online guide/video. (I'm a learn by doing kind of guy so this approach worked out well for me... YMMV)

Building a stripped lower and popping on a complete upper is a good way to start and build confidence. Putting an upper together really isn't difficult either, you just need the right tools. Hardest part for me was figuring out which grease to use for the barrel nut... :confused: it's not rocket science.

You should have posted this yesterday... I just finished assembling a new rifle (well, the upper... I finished the lower a while ago).

Good for your deciding to build your own AR. Word of warning: it's a horrible addiction.

ETA: Nothing left that needs built currently in the parts drawer but if you supply your own parts I'd be happy to show you how everything works, and I'm sure there are some guys around here even more experienced than myself who would extend the same offer.
I got a couple lowers that I will probably build as soon as i get some LPK's for them. But really, its stupid easy. All you need is a couple punches, some blue masking tape (so you don't mess up the finish), and a hammer. this: is probably the best how to that I have seen. I used this as I built 2 AR's on my bed room floor. Just take you time and if you have wireless internet and a laptop, you can take it anywhere and use it as a reference. All you really have to do is tap in a couple roll pins and screw on the grip. the FCG is pretty easy to install as well. Just take your time and if all else fails, do someone else's first so yours doesn't get messed up ;)
+1 for Brownells. I watched one video of the steps one afternoon and then went home one afternoon several days later and after installing the bolt catch the rest fell together by accident.

No lie, really. These things are like model airplanes.

sorry for the hijack..... I also have been considering building my own basic AR. where is a good place to get all the parts and will it really save much money? How much are we talking to build your own?

I would appreciate watching and learning from someone assembling an AR upper or lower or both.
Someday soon I want to build one with my son and son-in-law. This way they can have a gun to remember ol' dad with.

Thanks and Blue Skies,
rob (Skydiver)

Everyone needs more than (1) AR-15 so buy the parts and I'll help you put the first one together then when you want to put the next one together you can borrow my tools and build it with your son:s0155:


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