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Check the expiration date on your CHL

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SquackDaddy, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. SquackDaddy

    SquackDaddy Marion County Member

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    I just happened to take a look at my CHL a month or so ago, when I noticed that it would expire at the end of this month. I live in Marion County, so I had to call the Marion County Sheriff's office and make an appointment. (you used to be able to just walk-in there, but I guess that has changed.) Today I walked in, and less than 15 minutes later left with my new CHL. A very painless process.

    The moral to my story is: Check your expiration date, and get in and renew if you have expired, or are coming due.
  2. zippygaloo

    zippygaloo Oregon Member

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    Not sure, but I think Washington County will send a reminder before your CHL expires. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    Some counties will send reminders. Some require appointments to renew. Make sure you know when your CHL expires and what the policy is.
  4. Key-Hay

    Key-Hay North Carolina Active Member

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    Washington county sent me one in 1998. Went in and got it back in 2009. just filled out the paperwork and went in for a new picture. That was it.
  5. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I have never received any kind of reminder from Washington County and I've had my CHL for years, but the last renewal process was painless. I went in a day after mine had expired (procrastination is king), had the paperwork with me which I had filled out and printed off their web site, got my pic took and had my new CHL in the mail in 3 days. The only bummer was they confiscated my expired permit until they sent me my new one, but I have no one to blame for that but myself. My wife works for Washington Co. and knew the gal that processed my permit so I think she put my renewal application at the top of the pile.
  6. Kevatc

    Kevatc Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I believe Douglas Co. Orygun has explicitly said it will not send a reminder. BTW, mine expires 8/2013.
  7. t.huynh

    t.huynh vancouver, wa Active Member

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    I have a question. I took a class and got my CHL from sheriff Palmer out of Grant County. Can I just go to Portland and renew? Or do I have to go to Grant County?
  8. NCW Ray

    NCW Ray Sunny Eastern Washington Active Member

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    I don't have to carry a permit per se, but if I did, I'd setup a 90 day reminder in my personal cell phone/techno gadget as I do my DL & Veh Reg's renewals. I've had way too much "miss delivered" mail to rely on the USPS.
  9. elsie

    elsie Way over there on the left Well-Known Member

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    I have been getting a reminder letter from Wash. County the last couple of times, usually a month or so before it expired. I don't know if it will continue with the new sherrif or not. I guess we will see. They also took my old card, but when I questioned it, the lady said my receipt work be suitable until I received the new card. That took about a week to come in the mail.

  10. Cheesemaker

    Cheesemaker Tillamook Active Member

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    In Tillamook County, they don't send any notices, you need to remember when it expires. And here we have to fill out the application all over again now. And have your birth certificate, or Passport, and there was a third option with you. By the way, you all should make sure you have a "Birth Certificate" from the state. Not the "Certificate of Live Birth" which the hospital mails to your parents when your born. I always thought I had a "Birth Cert" my entire life, until my friend Peggy at the DMV explained it to me.