Me and my stepdad are always exchanging offensive T-shirts as gifts and I came across a cheap training tool called barrel block so I bought a bunch of them for him and a bunch of them for me with no expectations and I’ve been using them for about a week now and I think they were like 13 bucks or 15 bucks each. I’m not big on pluging companies and it did take them about 20 days to get them to me but they’re about the most multipurpose safety tool training tool I’ve come across for the money and they could easily be charging 20 bucks for these. Great for Draw to first shot drills, reload drills And If I had a kids everyone of my pistols would have one of these Just due To the fact that i could cut the dongle off flush with the barrel and it would be a pain in the bubblegum for a kid to lock the slide back and get out of the chamber.

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