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    Run the Rifle – Run the Pistol

    This 2-day class is made to instill the fundamentals of efficiency into your firearm. We work on your platform, manipulations and drills that are logical and proven to be useful well past the range. You will understand how the brain works in taking in the information and properly absorb it so that proper, productive execution of the training is maintained. You will not find industry standard content, that so often does not relate to the street. You will find even paced training that builds upon the fundamental basics, in a safe productive environment that yields results through experience that you can build upon for your future training.

    Required Ammunition - 1000 Rounds 8-10 Hours per day 250.00

    June 9-10 Rifle

    June June 23-24 Pistol

    Most recent review of "Run The Gun" Rifle class;

    Gene N

    I have always felt I was wasting time whenever I'd go out shooting because all I was doing was reinforcing whatever (mostly bad/inefficient) habits I've learned.

    I can only learn so much from reading and watching videos or from other experienced shooters. But to learn from a professional instructor for a ridiculous price of $250 for a 2-day course that wasn't some watered down civilian crap? Hell yeah.

    For the class, Steve focused on what we wanted out of it. I am a big supporter of learning the fundamentals to build that strong root and the first day was a lot of what I recall as dry weapons work. Re-learning the what low ready is, "customer service", malfunction handling, and economy of motion. The key was to get comfortable with what was in your hands; and focus on what’s out there in front of you. "Painfully slow" was the theme of the day. Technique, and muscle memory building was the goal, corrections were made constantly to waste no effort nor expose anything unnecessary.

    What I appreciated was the anecdotes provided throughout the weekend by Steve and Mark on why we did something or how it helped. Another helpful thing was that I got a chance to learn my equipment and what was working and what needed to change. Goodbye angled grips.

    Something that Steve wanted for Cerberus Training Group was to have a local, affordable instruction that didn't start and end with the class. As I mentioned he is very customer centric and he made it clear that if we ever need help or a reminder that he is a call or text away. He has already proven that he cares about the student.

    By the end of the second day which was much quicker pace, things were definitely becoming muscle memory, and confidence in running my gun efficiently was at a level it wasn't at before. We did get a taste of shooting around an obstacle at the end of the course and it was during that exercise I finally called it quits - mind and body had enough.

    I find myself excited to go out and shoot with a purpose, and when I am comfortable I'll be back to Run the Gun with a pistol. Once I am ready and comfortable with that, I'll be back to tie it together in the 3-day S.A.T. course.

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