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Ceasefire declares SB 1551 hearing a success-2/12 Senate Worksession scheduled

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tkdguy, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. tkdguy

    tkdguy Portland, Oregon Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    Ceasefire recommends their members to call the SB 1551 committee members asap and urge their support. We can call and oppose and or email, etc. Thanks.

    Hopefully this is a Zombie Bill and the legislators that support this bill will be Zombie legislators this next election cycle!
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  2. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Western Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    They've got an interesting way of deciding a "success.'
  3. jvbutter

    jvbutter Cornelius, Or Active Member

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    From what Jeff Kruse wrote in his weekly email, it was hardly "Success". Even Mr Mark Kelly stumbled when asked about the background checked person that shot his wife would have been prevented. I dont want to turn this into discussion about the meeting, we have another topic for that, just that Sen Kruse didnt think it was on either side victory or "success"
  4. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    Typical propaganda method, declaring victory/success even if you utterly failed. It's all about perception, perception is reality... For drones.
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  5. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner You'll Never Know Well-Known Member

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    The way of the Progressive!! Exaggerate, lie, then lie about the Exaggeration! Tell the lie over and over as many time as you can and soon, it is accepted as fact. Case in point, Climate Change... Global Warming with new window dressings!!
  6. U201491

    U201491 Well-Known Member

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    Not the message Jeff Kruse sent.
    He thinks ceasefire are plain stupid and deceptive..
  7. tiggers97

    tiggers97 United States Well-Known Member

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    Senator Floyd thinks this will help his re-election (and campaign money chest) for his re-election this year. And representing one of the most liberal parts of Eugene, maybe he is right (or maybe he is listening to Public Policy Polling, who did the 78% of Oregon wants background check poll).

    Sen Arnie Roblan is probably the most vulnerable on the committee. But he's not up for re-election until 2016 (elected in 2012). He does vote 100% with his party, which to me shows his partisanship and possibly lack of moderation (i.e. back-bone) considering the area he represents. The district is made up of a lot of rural areas, with Coos-bay being the only urban area. Similar areas around Oregon, this should be a conservative leaning county, and maybe it is and the democrats are just better at marketing there. Would he be the most responsive to a recall campaign? If he's voting 100% with his party, he's most certainly made votes that would not benefit or represent the area and demographics he represents (or maybe his constituent don't care?)

    Maybe we get these people on record about unfavorable programs like cover-oregon or obamacare.
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  8. Sstrand

    Sstrand La Grande OR Well-Known Member

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    Only allowed one like . . .
    BUT . . . like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like!!!!!

  9. bnsaibum

    bnsaibum Corvallis, OR Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer

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    Roblan's district spans the middle 3rd of the coast. From just south of Coos Bay to just north of Lincoln City. I don't live on the coast, how do the residents of the coastal cities view his representation?