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Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Items Wanted' started by sapper77, Jul 1, 2016.

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    I'm looking for a larger canvas wall tent (25' in length or larger) that is new or in excellent condition. Thanks
  2. Deavis

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    Try Bussards and sons in Albany, Oregon. Great people and products
  3. OutlawHoss

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    I researched wall/canvass tents for years, looking for best quality for my limited budget. I settled on a Teton Model Spike Tent, from http://www.reliabletent.com/
    in Montana. Along with a Scout Cylinder stove, I paid $900 total including shipping. I was not their usual price as it was a sale, but they seem to have such offerings frequently. The tent is the heaviest canvass, marine quality meaning mildew and flame resistant. The biggest aspect of maintaining a tent's quality and life-span is keeping it clean, never putting it away dirty or wet, and have an excellent rain fly. In this last regard, I bought a 20'x30' camouflage tarp of good quality. Cost $100 but well worth it as with it's regular use, including just in the sun, it will be the only component I will have to replace for the foreseeable future. I custom fit it to allow the stove pipe to be used at the same time, as well as provide a lot of room outside the tent that I can cook and keep gear out of the rain as well as completely covering and protecting the tent from the elements. I've had that thing deeply covered in snow, below 0 degrees F, and the stove cruising along all night while sleeping like a baby.
    Reliable Tent has some unique designs of wall tents as well as spike tents of all sizes; they're worth looking into. Good customer service as well.
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