Can't find powder or primers? Go to Curt's in Milwaukie.

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by hoody, Dec 21, 2013.

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    I stopped by Curt's Discount Shooter's Supply (in Milwaukie) today. They have DOZENS of primer bricks (all types) and powder jugs (many flavors, 1 pounders and 8 pounders) at competitive prices. I used to think of Curt's as an "AR store", but now I think of them as an "reloading components store that also sells AR stuff".

    It's a gun show weekend...I wonder if they had even more inventory at the show?

    I went in planning to pick up a few bullets, but I ended up needing a box to carry everything out.

    (I'm just a customer, not related to the store in any way)
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    Agreed! I was there about two weeks ago. Their Primers and bullets are a great price ($49 for 500 .224 bullets, $35 winchester or CCI primers, $29 for S&B primers). Their powders were a little more than I would hope for ($28 lb or $179-$189 for 8lb) BUT! they had a ton in stock.

    When I talked to the guy working their, he said they were really focusing in on both AR-15s AND relaoding.

    I bought 2k primers and 8lbs of IMR 4198.

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