WTT OR Cabela's TLR 6wt switch for 7wt single hander

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    I've got a Cabela's TLr 1106-4 (11' #6 4 piece) switch rod I'd like to trade for a single hand 7 or 8 weight of similar value. These rods go for $149 regular price, current Cabela's online sale price is $90 - thinking a used value between $75-90. I'm open to at least test-wiggling any rod between 7'6" and 9' - not looking for longer, and not looking to replace this two hander with another two hander at the moment. I'm more interested in 7 weights than 8 weights - this is going to be my mostly used for throwing bass bugs that make my 5 weight doesn't like, plus throwing bigger streamers for trout. Rods longer than 9' are a bit unwieldy in some of the places I fish. An 8-8'6" would be perfect.

    Some specific makes/models I'm interested in would be the TFO Pro Special II 8' 7 weight 4 piece, the Cabela's TLr 9' 8 weight 4 piece, Echo Solo 9' 8 weight, or the Cabela's CGR 7'6' 7/8 glass rod - but I am open to others.

    The rod comes with sock and nylon covered tube. Rod only - no reel or lines in this trade, thanks.

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