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Bull Barrel 270

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Bill, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Bill

    Bill Carlton Member

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    I have a model 70 xtr in 270 with a factory bull barrel. I've had the gun for about 20 years, it's a safe queen and hasn't been used much, I am thinking of selling it but I feel it's a rare gun in that caliber with a bull barrel? and with the situation with winchester, I don't know what to price this at to be fair, and suggestions?
    Thanks Bill
  2. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Howdy, Bill.

    The current situation with Winchester is that the Model 70's are once again being made (with some changes), so the fear that there would be no more of them is for now not valid. Same with the '94. They are introducing it again, and surely more variations will be forthcoming. Prices skyrocketed on both when Winchester "folded" a few years ago, and now under new ownership, collectors and speculators are seeing prices stabilize on these guns somewhat. Some guys that thought they'd make a killing on these guns are now stuck with them since people are realizing there will be more made.

    However, a Model 70 with a bull barrel in .270 Winchester is not a common gun. This could work for you or against you. In your favor is that it is uncommon. Against you is that it is a "newer" gun (even 20 years old is new for a Model 70). True Model 70 collectors are almost exclusively interested in guns made prior to 1964, and not many are interested at all in the "push-feed" action, as I assume your gun is, being an XTR from the '80's.

    Most guys who like the Model 70, and are looking for a .270, are not looking for a bull-barrel gun. They want a deer/elk rifle they can carry easily.

    Most guys who want a bull-barrel gun are looking for a .223, .22-250, 243, and a very few maybe a .25-06. They want a bench varminter.

    Now, having said that, I would not be replying to your post at all, except for the fact that I am a Winchester collector (not of Model 70's---mine are old cowboy guns), and I am also a staunch believer in the .270 Winchester caliber. My eyes popped a bit when I saw your post. I need another .270 like a need a hole in the head, but I've never owned one with a heavy barrel. So, I guess you'd need to find a guy like me to be interested. (Which I am.) I like stuff that not many people have. I like Winchesters, and I like .270's, and I'd like to see what a heavy-barreled one does on the bench.

    Garden-variety XTR's of that vintage will be priced depending on condition and caliber. (.223's are more popular than .243's). You have one that is not garden-variety, and again I would say that that could well be in your favor for price, but in your disadvantage to find an interested buyer.

    My freshly printed Standard Catalog of Firearms (just got the new edition this week), shows a Model 70 XTR Varmint (in the garden-variety calibers .223-243) at $250 in good condition to $650 new in the box. "Book" prices are what they are: a guideline. Guns are worth what they sell for.

    I feel I've not been much help here.

    If you decide on a price, I'd like to know about it. I'll watch this post, or if you'd rather PM me, that'd be ok too. Like I said, I have no need for another .270, but yours is weird. I like weird, and I like .270's.
  3. Pepe-lepew

    Pepe-lepew Mid Valley Active Member

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    Is it a model 70 standard? made 1964-1980, 22" or 24" heavy barrel, open sight
    This is the only model I can find with a 270 heavy barrel.

    BB is $600 at 100%.

    I am interested if it is a 24" barrel, pm me if you decide to sell it.
  4. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Original post represented the gun as an "XTR" which is not the Standard. XTR's (at least my two), are what I would call a "semi-deluxe" version, have machine cut checkering, red rubber Winchester solid pad, and my two at least have better than average figure in the wood.

    Lepew's difficulty in finding this gun in the books matches mine, but that only goes to show that the books are VERY often incomplete. NEVER assume because you can't find the gun in any book that it was never made (not original), and this is also not necessarily grounds to assume the gun is rare. I have more than one gun that cannot be found in any book, and yet I know the version is relatively common.

    Also, rarity does not necessarily convey greater desirability/higher price.

    Lepew: I would almost certainly guarantee that if it is a bull barrel gun, it is 24". The text in the book perhaps should have read, "available in 22" barrel standard weight, and 24" bull barrel.

    What is weird about this gun, is that it is the long-action with the bull barrel, and weirder yet is that it is .270 (and not .25-06, which is the common long-action Varminter).

    Apparently Bill has found two guys who like weird stuff!
  5. 45_70Sharps

    45_70Sharps Raymond Member

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    It's not worth much. No one is going to want a model 70 bull barrel gun in 270. You should sell it to me, very cheap. I'll switch off between that and my Sendero 270 when I feel the need for making sure a deer is going down in one shot.
    Some guys don't like the bull barrel guns because of the weight and typical length of a gun like that.
    I don't mind a heavy gun. I hunt with my sendero, a sharps and other heavy guns.
    If I'm in the woods with my 270 in my hands and I see a deer, it's going die.

    If I were going to sell a gun like that I would try and track gunbroker and other sites for a while to see if I could find others and watch the auction to see what they go for. I would think that despite the blue book, it could bring good money simply because there are a lot of accuracy freaks out there and that should be a great shooter.