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Saw when you originally posted. Like 1½ hours after the retailer posted that ad.
We're you able to score a brick or 2?
Yes, I received the paper ad in the mail earlier this week. I suspected at that price it would sell out really fast and my hunch was correct. You gotta be lightning fast on these deals, like right when the sale goes live.
Personally, I'm flush on 22lr.
But old habits die hard from all the periodic shortages.

And I find myself ordering a brick here and there when the deal is good.
I realize this is an enlarged image, but I hope the actual rounds don't look like this. Nasty stuff.

Honestly, this ammo is just on par with any federal bulk or aguila. I think ammoplanet still has aguila for 5 cpr shipped fwiw
Yup just ordered 20 boxes of the aguila super extra 38gr copper plated hollow point for 4.95c per round. Wasn't free shipping though
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