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Normally I'd head out to the tank range south of Powerline road (assuming there are no training thingies going on) but I'll be visiting during Xmas and that area is inaccessible without four-wheel drive. Unfortunately, my in-laws, who I am visiting, both have Priuses—my army sergeant father-in-law traded his big, Ford pickup for a Prius a few years ago much to the consternation of his colleagues.

My sister-in-law is coming from the UK with her long-term boyfriend and he's never shot a gat before so I want to take him shooting, preferably with my Saiga and preferably outdoors so we can shoot pumpkins or melons or whatever. Paper is fine for skill building but shooting gourds is where it's at, fun-wise.

So, anyway, is there a good bit of BLM or other public land I can go and shoot up that's accessible by Japanese hybrid?

If I can't find any I'll just bring two pistols with me and we can hit up the Impact range but that's less awesome than a Saiga blasting melons.
Just down the road in Nampa, we have an out door range. It's open to the public, Free. Many 50 yard ranges and 100 yard ranges.
I also would be interested in a group shoot. But, I don't shoot those small pistols. I shoot 45/70, 357 Herrett, 7-08. Big stuff.

PM me when ready.

chuck m
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