-Blowout- Rock River,Tactical Operater, AR-15, Mountain of P-mags & Ammo......

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    * UPDATE- Sold pending payment in a few days, B.


    Hi guys, looking at new boats and rounding up some rubles, prices are firm. and fair or losing money on my end.

    If your new to AR's Rock River is one of the Premiere AR builders in the country, google and read.


    -Rock River, LAR-15, Tactical Operator. being from the Operator Series it has the platform to add accessories any way you like.

    -Very Clean, bench to safe gun, round count about 800. 2 owner gun.

    -$1900 firm buys it. ........many upgrades.

    -MagPul butt Stock, orig RR B-stock included

    -Upgrade sights, fold down.

    -BlackHawk Sling

    -Bi-Pod Fore grip

    -1 30rnd Mag, *mag Full of 62grn, green tip, SS-109 ammo

    - Condor Carry bag, $100, also has compact cleaning kit in it.

    -Bill of Sale for both of us with sale, my copy is locked up and stays there unless the man shows up looking for it.

    -Straight up honest on this end, many of you know me from SGN before it imploded.

    * located in Bothell/Kenmore- North Seattle

    Peace, B.


    Major pile of P-Mags and Ammo can be bought with the gun or it will be sold after the gun sells.

    to be clear I bought all of this over the last year and paid going prices when green tip dried up a few times.... = not cheap, ok guys.

    *Note -Buyer of the AR gets first crack then this will be listed, ABSOLUTLY NOT SELLING BEFORE THE AR GOES.


    -14, New never used 30 round P-Mags. Full of 62grn, Green tip, SS-109 Ammo, yes this is the steel penetrater ammo, this is really good Ammo!!!

    that's $82 dollars of Ammo and a P-Mag...............$65 bucks a Mag, full ready to rock.

    -6, New never used 30 round P-Mags..........$35 bucks a Mag.

    -3, New 30 round P-Mags, full of 55grn, Federal Full Metal Jacket

    -1, New 30 round P-Mags. Full of 62grn, SS-109 ammo, "RED TRACER AMMO" , $70 Bucks

    -1. 90 Round Drum, this is not the cheesy drums floating around, this is a old school M.W.G Co. called the "Nintey Rounder" drum from the old days, NEW OUT OF THE BOX LOADED this last summer and set in the bugout bag.

    Drum only, $175, Drum and Ammo $300


    I think I have my count right......................bulk Ammo

    - Qnty 3,660, New- 62grn, Green tip,M855,Penetrater, Lake City Brass, Ammo......$550, per 1000

    - Qnty 920, New, 55grn Federal, Full Metal Jacket........$500

    - Qnty 220, New 62grn, SS-109, Penetrater, Lake City Brass Ammo, "RED TRACER AMMO".......$300

    Lock and Load Gentlemen, crazy times ahead of us.


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