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    Hey guys i just thought i would post up a review of my purchase with Blackthorne tactical. First was the ordering, it was kinda a pain in the butt for me as it kept kicking my card back as bill to and ship to not matching, which they do. So i used my girlfriends card and went right through. I ordered the 16" A3 upper complete kit for $419. Shipping was super fast about 3 days IIRC and packaged well. Parts were either in sealed bags our paper wrapped and upper was wrapped in bubble wrap. The upper was fully assembeled but the first thing i did was strip and clean it. Not that there was anything wrong but i like to strip down all my stuff before i take it out. The only thing i can complain about with the upper is the flash hider was not on as tight as i would have liked and the crush washer was a POS. New washer and a dab o blue locktite and all is well. Stock was a 5 position piece stamped made in the usa and seems to be a quality piece. The LPK was decent quality some time with a piece of glass and some sand paper and the trigger pull is quite smooth. Got the gun assembled in a few hours and went to the range the following AM. We put about 500 rounds through it and had no issues, didnt shoot paper off a bench, I shot cans and milk jugs ranging maybe 50-100 yards out.

    I guess to sum it up i feel like a got a sweet deal for just over $500 i have a complete good shooting AR. It does what it should and the parts seem to be of good qualitly. Are there better shooting, running guns out there? Yes there is but not for the money. Patrick
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    Blackthorn is hit or miss. There is a reason they have to keep changing names to keep customers.........
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    I'm on the verge of pulling the trigger on one of their kits too...
    I've read tons of reviews of the kits and the company. Blackthorne used to be Hesse, then Vulcan, then something else. Their receivers, AK, Fal, and synthetic ar have a very bad reputation. Most of the reviews on the parts kits are 2nd/3rd hand hear-say, but people are comparing the parts kits with the prior products that were not good. What I'm reading on the parts kits is grudging acceptance that they are offering a decent product. The AR parts are sourced from other producers, they don't advertise who, but, building a functional AR for $500 is about as low as you can go in this day and age. Their website is worth a look.

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