Basics vs. Fundamentals

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    Basic implies that it is for beginners and that you will take your rifle out of the box for the first time, we hold your hand and tell you the pointy end goes that way... WRONG! We do get our fair share of those shooters and some of them turn out to be our best students because they don't have any bad habits to break; but that is not Appleseed.

    Appleseed teaches fundamental rifle marksmanship.

    We do not teach .22 shooting positions; we teach rifle (read: center fire) shooting positions. When we tell you to use a firm handshake grip to smartly pull the butt of the rifle into the shoulder pocket and plant your trigger side elbow - it's not to absorb the recoil of your .22; it's to absorb the recoil of your 30.06.

    Through the magic of MOA what works at 25m works at 500. If you can put 10 rounds in a 1" square at 25m then you can put 10 rounds in a 4" square at 100, 8" at 200, 12" at 300, 16" at 400 and 20" at 500 yards. Conversely - if you can't put 10 rounds in a 1" square at 25 it only gets worse the further out you go.

    Remember that a .22 is a training tool. It's a cost effective way to learn trigger control, position, breathing, aiming and understanding Minute Of Angle & how it relates to your sighting system. Once you have mastered these items then add recoil, percussion, wind and gravity.

    So, will you get firearm ‘basics’ from Appleseed – yes; for the first 35 minutes. Then the rifles come out of the cars and we start teaching the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.
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