Australia’s Extensive Firearms Registry is Potentially Aiding Gun Thieves

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    I came across this article today. Excerpt:

    "Australia, one of the most firearm-restrictive countries in the world, has fallen into the rather unusual position of being host to what appear to be a string of coordinated gun burglaries that some think were planned using the national firearm registry.

    The spree began May 14 with the burglary and ransacking of a home in Hinchinbrook (just west of Canberra) in which nine rifles were stolen from a locked safe. At the time it was considered to be an isolated case, but now that “lone incident” has grown to 50 guns that have been stolen in 16 days in the New South Wales area."

    The potential for database theft or an inside job is always there.

    Australia's Extensive Firearms Registry is Potentially Aiding Gun Thieves
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    That was also the case in Canada.

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